I butter say thank you to Beurre

As the year comes to a close and as we begin a new journey, I have found myself thinking about Beurre, and everything it has come to represent for me. So this is a thank you note to my Beurre.

I know my business is small and insignificant in such a saturated industry, but it’s certainly not small and insignificant to me. Thank you, Beurre, for giving me something to work towards over the past 4 plus years. Thank you for challenging me, thank you for giving me a reason to force myself out of bed when depression reared its head repeatedly. Thank you for teaching me patience (that’s a WIP…) and how to work well under pressure (double WIP). Thank you for giving me a quiet confidence in my abilities whilst keeping me humble and grounded. I know

I have said this already, but here it is again- thank you to every single person who supported Beurre in any way. You helped me get to this place, and Beurre and I thank you for it.

For now, Paris. And then, Melbourne, we are coming back for you, don’t you worry.


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