Un Dimanche à Paris

It’s a rainy afternoon here in Paris, because #europeansummer2017 and I was in bed contemplating a nap, while watching the Handmaid’s Tale (PS if you haven’t already started watching it, ermahgahd it’s as terrifying and brilliant as everyone says it is). Anyway I started feeling guilty because I watch too much TV (also I love naps, but I will never apologise for that) then I wonder where all my time goes, and why I’m not more productive. I digress.

I realise I haven’t written about a patisserie in a really long time, so here’s a little post on Un Dimanche a Paris, which I visited a couple of weeks ago.

Un Dimanche Storefront

Cute street. 

This little store has only been around for about 5 years, but it’s made a name for itself. While it also serves meals, I was there for the cakes, obviously, as is always the case. The patisseries in the cabinet looked pretty stunning. While I do often crave a more simple dessert, I’m also a sucker for picture-perfect offerings. I know some people find that that whole style can look plasticky, but for me, it’s a sign that the pastry chefs that put that thing together were very, very good at what they do. Think about it; these people made something look like it just appeared; no trace of palette knives, no fingerprints on cake boards, nothing out of place, and only perfectly sharp lines and beautiful curves, much like a John Legend song.

Licked the glass. Was reprimanded.

I chose a couple of cakes, because I’m calorie counting (ie the more, the better). First up was this lemon tart:


Full disclosure, I don’t really enjoy lemon tarts, and I especially don’t like meringue, in any form. Crunchy, silky smooth, toasted; the only thing I can help but think when I’m eating meringue is, “you’re eating albumen and sugar”. So I’m clearly always going to be biased against the poor lemon tart. However, I can also appreciate that it will always be a classic, so I like to try the lemon tarts at patisseries to see how well they can put one together.

As far as lemon tarts go, this one was pretty good. The base was quite crunchy without being brittle. The pastry was filled with a super smooth, creamy and just-citrusy-enough lemon curd that didn’t taste like a yolk-fest, and and there was beautifully piped meringue on top (obviously I gazed at it and didn’t eat the meringue, because ALBUMEN. This little guy has also been named as one of the best lemon tarts in Paris a few times, so that’s saying something fairly great too.

My benchmark for lemon tarts is the one we tried from Cyril Lignac. That lemon tart taught me how to love, so anything thereafter is going to be a hard act to follow. While the Un Dimanche lemon tart wasn’t quite up to my Cyril Lignac feelings, it was still pretty wonderful.

The second dessert was this friend:

Un dimanche

More truth time: I have actually tried this dessert before, but I forgot, because such is my a) memory and b) the sheer quantity of sugar and butter that I have inhaled this year (I regret nothing). The base was super crunchy and not too thick, with a verbena and cherry bar of confit in the middle, and another example of perfectly piped chantilly on top. Looking at the dessert you might think, as I did, that the confit centre is too high and so then you assume it’s going to be a acidic onslaught. Instead, the mix between the softness of the chantilly, the tartness of the confit centre and the crunchy base make for a little citrus party that everyone is invited to, and where they are guaranteed a good time.

As an added bonus, the sales assistant was super friendly, she knew her stuff, and was happy to give recommendations. Honestly, she was probably one of the loveliest ones that we have come across while we have been here. It’s always gives me serious warm fuzzies when sales assistants seem like they give a damn, and that they aren’t plotting your death by Eye-Roll.

Side note; we took these mates to the Jardin du Luxembourg which isn’t too far from the store, and had a cake picnic. I took wanky photos of cakes doing sun salutations, and rolling around being cute on the grass. People stared. I ate. Everyone won.


Bisous x

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  1. Zahara nice try at ruining meringue for me. I do t know what albumen is (doesn’t sound very appetizing) but this is NOT going to be like the time I google “what’s in andouillette” 🙅🏻 Oh no!
    Other side notes: 1. Where are the sun salutation pics?? 2. Gotta get onto Handmaidens Tale!! 😃👍🏽

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